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Ancient Wisdom + Modern Technology to Regenerate Soil & Sequester Carbon

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What it is

Biochar is a highly porous, stable, carbon-rich material that can be used in a wide range of applications in agriculture, horticulture, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, soil and water remediation, and many other sectors of the economy.


How it’s made

Biochar is produced by thermochemically decomposing organic feedstock in the absence of oxygen. It’s important to note that no burning or combustion takes place because of the absence of oxygen. The process is an environmentally-friendly alternative to biomass incineration and landfill disposals.


Why it matters

In addition to important benefits like soil improvement, water purification, and neutralization of PFAS (“forever chemicals”), many applications of biochar qualify for credits sold on voluntary carbon markets. Once in the ground,  the carbon in biochar is stored for hundreds of years, preventing the release of CO2.

About QSS

Quonset Soil Solutions (QSS) was established to transform underutilized forestry by-products into biochar, a proven, environmentally-sound horticultural and agricultural soil amendment that has the added benefit of long-term CO2 sequestration. Our state-of-the-art facility, powered by equipment designed and manufactured by Oslo, Norway-based Vow ASA, is currently under construction and will be in full operation by early 2025. The mission of QSS is to help reduce air and water pollution by offering products and services that make valuable contributions to the circular economy.

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